Theme: “Channelizing New Trends and Techniques in Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare”



We are taking the Pleasure of welcoming all the Nursing and Health care professionals to be part of37th Global Experts Meeting on Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare” which has been scheduled during August 24-25, 2023 at Paris, France

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2023 intended to bring together all the nursing and healthcare related researchers to join and discover the advanced procedures for enhancing medicinal casualties around the world.

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2023 gives a worldwide Platform for exchanging thoughts and continues refreshing about the most recent advancements in nursing and their Practices. The main theme of the conference is “Channelizing New Trends and Techniques in Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare” which covers a wide range of highly important tracks from basic research to most advanced inventions in the field of Neonatal Nursing.

The conference proceedings include symposiums and workshops, keynote speeches, plenary talks, poster sessions and panel discussion on latest research developments in the field of Pediatric Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare.

Conference Series Conferences organizes 1000+ International scientific events annually across the world, where knowledge transfer takes place through round table meetings, panel discussions, poster presentations, International workshops, International symposiums & excellent exhibitions. It hosts presentations from eminent experts in the relevant fields.

Why to attend?

37th Global Experts Meeting on Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare" scheduled to be held on August 24-25, 2022 at Paris , France is going to be the largest conference for Pediatrics, Neonatal Nursing and Maternal world. It provides a technical forum for learning about the latest and advanced research and development. Events include hot topics like Pediatric Surgery, Nephrology, Urology, Child Abuse and Pediatric Diabetes practices & presentations from all over the world including professional networking with industries, leading working groups and panel.

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2023 anticipates many of delegates including international keynote lectures and oral presentations by renowned speakers and poster presentations by students, Herbal Exhibitions and delegates all around the world, which will create a platform for global promotion safe and effective remedies. It provides networking and opportunities for partnerships with worldwide companies and industries.

Who can attend?

  • Directors, CEO’s of Organizations
  • Association, Association presidents, and professionals
  • PhD Scholars
  • Noble laureates in Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing
  • Research nurses and Association Members
  • Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors

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Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal nursing is a subspecialty of nursing that works with new child kiddies born with a range of troubles ranging from prematurity, start defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. The neonatal length is described as the first month of life; however, these new born are regularly ill for months.


Neonatology is a subspecialty of Pediatrics that consists of the clinical care of new child infants, specifically the unwell or untimely new born. It is a hospital-based specialty, and is typically practised in neonatal intensive care gadgets.

Maternal-Foetal Medicine

Maternal–foetal medicine, additionally recognised as perinatology, is a department of remedy that focuses on managing fitness issues of the mom and foetus prior to, during, and rapidly after pregnancy. Maternal–foetal remedy professionals are medical practitioner who subspecializes inside the subject of obstetrics.

Maternal Healthcare

Maternal Health is the fitness of girls in the course of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. It encompasses the fitness care dimensions of household planning, preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care in order to make certain a tremendous and gratifying experience, in most cases, and decrease maternal morbidity and mortality, in different cases. Maternal fitness revolves round the fitness and health of women, in particular when they are pregnant, at the time they provide birth, and throughout child-raising.

Perinatal Nursing

A Perinatal Nurse is a nurse who cares for girls in the course of pregnancy, beginning and post-partum. They additionally care for babies and households beginning at the starting of being pregnant all through the first month of the infant’s life. Perinatal nurses train pregnant girls about their unborn child, educate them how to have a wholesome being pregnant and leisure methods to assist with traumatic instances in the course of pregnancy. They additionally instruct household individuals how they can be supportive to the affected person throughout pregnancy.

Neonatal Research

The Division of Neonatology has a strong lookup software that focuses on a number of key areas: appreciation the necessary biology of preterm delivery and its complications, fastidiously trying out new therapeutics in new-borns thru expertly designed scientific trials, creating new information about threat elements for bad results in unwell neonates thru rigorous observational studies, and creating new grasp of the social and scientific influence of the company and financial system of healthcare transport constructions on maternal and toddler health.

Neonatal Vaccination

Infections take their biggest toll in early existence necessitating strong tactics to guard the very young. Here, we overview the rationale, modern-day state, and future lookup instructions for one such approach: neonatal immunization. Challenges to neonatal immunization consist of herbal problem about protection as nicely as a awesome neonatal immune gadget that is usually polarized towards The responses to many stimuli such that some vaccines that are high-quality in adults are no longer in new-borns. Nevertheless, neonatal immunization may want to end result in high-population penetration as start is a dependable factor of healthcare contact, and gives an possibility for early safety of the young, consisting of preterm new-borns who are poor in maternal antibodies.

Neonatal Nutrition

Optimal diet in infancy is the basis of fitness in later life. Based on the validated fitness advantages of human milk, breastfeeding must be the most important potential of vitamin for most infants. Although many moms journey some troubles with breastfeeding, fitness authorities can use easy techniques to overcome most of these problems. For children who can't breastfeed, fashionable baby formulation help enough diet and growth. Gastroesophageal reflux is a frequent feeding-related match and happens in most infants; it is phase of ordinary physiology and requires no intervention. Gastroesophageal reflux sickness happens in a small quantity of kiddies necessitating the use of an algorithm-based contrast and administration strategy.

Neonatal Disorders

A healthy start in life is important to every new born baby. The first 28 days, referred to as the neonatal period, is specifically critical. It is at some point of this time that essential fitness and feeding practices are established. It is additionally at some stage in this time that the toddler is at best possible threat for death. Some frequent neonatal issues encompass surprising child demise syndrome (SIDS) and neonatal jaundice. SIDS is the main purpose of demise amongst toddlers who are one month to one yr. old. According to the American SIDS Institute, about 2,500 kiddies die from this situation every 12 months in the United States. Neonatal jaundice is jaundice that starts inside the first few days after birth. Jaundice is a yellowish discoloration of the skin, conjunctiva (a clear masking over the sclera, or whites of the eyes), and mucous membranes precipitated by means of hyper bilirubinaemia (increased stages of bilirubin in crimson blooded animals). Neonatal jaundice is commonly innocent however need to be monitored by way of a certified healthcare company as a precaution.

Child Abuse

What is infant abuse? Mistreatment is as soon as a mother or father or caregiver, whether or not via motion or failing to act, reasons injury, death, emotional harm or threat of best damage to a yearling. There unit quite a few sorts of maltreatment, at the facet of neglect, bodily abuse, intercourse crime, exploitation and emotional abuse.

Children unit struggling from a hidden epidemic of youngster abuse and neglect. It’s a sizable struggle towards our kids that we have the facility to prevent, and perception the be counted is that the beginning. Just alternatively risky is that the hassle of youngster abuse inside the United States?

Every 12 months pretty 3.6 million referrals unit created to youngster safety groups involving pretty vi.6 million children (a referral will include a couple of children).

Neonatal Research

A deliberate investigation was once accomplished to verify their infant in child analysis. This framework intends to inspire the development of toddler care through fixing region a machine of scholarly focuses that, by using thorough affected person evaluation using everyday conventions, would learn about be in a position to the favoured portions of patients.

Looks into vicinity unit drained the territories of cavity drain, Preterm babies, Bronchopulmonary abnormality (BPD), NEC (NEC), no inheritable anomalies, contamination delivery nation et cetera. Things records of knowledge} vicinity unit gathered and unit bad proper all the way down to find out affiliations and patterns in gauge info, medicines, and new child toddler consequences and to make future NRN trials

Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric nursing is phase of the nursing profession, mainly revolving around the care of neonates and youngsters up to adolescence. Nursing features differ regionally, via man or woman education, experience, and character profession goals. Functions encompass the administration of approaches and drugs in accordance to prescribed nursing care plans. These nurses study imperative symptoms and advance conversation abilities with young people and household members, as properly as with different scientific personnel. Supporting kids and their households is one thing of direct nursing care. Awareness of the issues of youth and parents, bodily presence at instances of stress, and assisting youth and household contributors cope are different frequent functions.

Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric vitamin considers the dietary wants of toddlers to guide increase and development, consisting of modifications in organ feature and physique composition. Decisions mother and father make about diet and feeding their kiddies has short- and long-term results on the babies' subsequent boom and development. Infectious sickness and continual digestive sickness can be decreased with excellent vitamin preferences such as breastfeeding. Breastfed toddlers have higher general health, so selections about Pediatric diet are vital considerations.

Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric cancers are very uncommon and may additionally fluctuate from grownup cancers in the way they develop and spread, how they are treated, and how they reply to treatment. The most frequent sorts of Pediatric most cancers are leukaemia, intelligence and spinal wire tumours, lymphoma, neuroblastoma, Wilms tumour (a kind of kidney cancer), retinoblastoma, and cancers of the bone and smooth tissue. Also referred to as childhood cancer.

Pediatric Disease

Some of the Pediatric ailments consist of anaemia, asthma, chickenpox, diphtheria, leukaemia, measles, mumps, pneumonia, polio, tuberculosis, whooping cough, Lyme disease, fever, down's syndrome, dental caries, cystic fibrosis, Chagas disease, candidiasis, cancer, bronchiolitis, etc.

Clinical Nursing

Clinical research nursing is described as scientific nursing exercise with a uniqueness focal point on lookup implementation and the care of topics collaborating in medical research. In addition to imparting and coordinating scientific care, scientific lookup nurses have a central function in making sure participant safety, ongoing upkeep of knowledgeable consent, integrity of protocol implementation, accuracy of information collection, and statistics recording, and follow-up. Care obtained through lookup individuals is pushed by way of find out about necessities and the series of lookup data, as nicely as via medical indications.

Pediatric medicine

Paediatric Medicine inpatients are a various population, such as youngsters with frequent paediatric stipulations (e.g. asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, sickle phone disease, seizures); these with complicated multi-system problems who are frequently technology-dependent and require multidisciplinary care; and youngsters with undifferentiated or undiagnosed stipulations who gain from subspecialty consultation. The majority of patients are admitted via the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units, with the remainder transferred from other hospitals. Patients who don’t require tertiary or quaternary care are often transferred from SickKids to our network of paediatric community partners.

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgical operation arose in the center of the 1879 century as the surgical care of beginning defects required novel methods and methods, and grew to be extra regularly based totally at kid's hospitals. One of the web sites of this innovation used to be Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Beginning in the Forties beneath the surgical management of C. Everett Koop, more recent strategies for endotracheal anesthesia of kiddies allowed surgical restore of before untreatable start defects. By the late 1970s, the toddler demise price from countless essential congenital malformation syndromes had been decreased to close to zero.

Pediatric Endocrinology

Pediatric endocrinology (British: Paediatric) is a scientific subspecialty dealing with issues of the endocrine glands, such as variants of bodily increase and sexual improvement in childhood, diabetes and many more.

By age, Pediatric endocrinologists, relying upon the age vary of the sufferers they treat, care for sufferers from infancy to late early life and younger adulthood.

Baby medical Care

Taking a new child care category for the duration of being pregnant can put together caregivers. During the remain in a health centre or birthing centre, clinicians and nurses assist with simple infant care. These fitness carriers will display simple toddler care. New-born care fundamentals include:

Handling a new born, including supporting the baby's neck crack, Bathing, Dressing, Swaddling, Soothing, Feeding and burping, Cleaning the umbilical cord, Immunization.

Midwives in Maternal care

Midwifery  is described as “skilled, educated and compassionate care for childbearing women, new child children and households throughout the continuum from prepregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early weeks of life”. The proof suggests us that midwifery performs a “vital” role, and when supplied through educated, trained, regulated, licensed midwives, is related with expanded high-quality of care and fast and sustained discount rates in maternal and new child mortalit

"37th Global Experts Meeting on Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare" scheduled to be held on August 24-25, 2022 at Paris , France is going to be the largest conference for Pediatrics, Neonatal Nursing and Maternal world. It provides a technical forum for learning about the latest and advanced research and development. Events include hot topics like Pediatric Surgery, Nephrology, Urology, Child Abuse and Pediatric Diabetes practices & presentations from all over the world including professional networking with industries, leading working groups and panel.

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2023 anticipates many of delegates including international keynote lectures and oral presentations by renowned speakers and poster presentations by students, Herbal Exhibitions and delegates all around the world, which will create a platform for global promotion safe and effective remedies. It provides networking and opportunities for partnerships with worldwide companies and industries.


As per the recent statistic published by a research article, around 11% of the total pregnancies result in premature or early deliveries. In the U.S. alone around 450,000 babies are born prematurely and globally over 15 million new births are early or premature. Hence, the new-born babies that need special care and attention will often need to be admitted in the neonatal healthcare facilities providing technologically advanced treatment and specialized nursing care. Currently, the amalgamation of technology with computer intelligence has extended their support to daily caretakers. Various devices including thermoregulatory, monitoring devices such as ventilators, blood gas monitoring systems among others are developed with the latest technology for better clinical outcomes.

However, poor accessibility towards neonatal infant care in the lower-middle and low-income countries will be a major market impeding factor. In the rural and remote areas, the pregnant women need to travel long distance for deliveries, thereby resulting in increasing the gap for necessary and better treatment. Hence, such conditions are responsible for high mortality rate of the new-born. Moreover, poor infrastructure and poor-quality equipment are also one of the major threats to the market growth.

Major Midwifery Universities in USA

• Stony Brook University

• Laurentian University

• Frontier Nursing University

• Midwives College of Utah

• Columbia University

• NYU Rory Meyers

• Birth wise Midwifery School

• Nell Hodgson Woodruff

• Birthing Way College of Midwifery

Societies in Asia

• Afghan Midwives Association

• Bangladesh Midwifery Society

• Cambodian Midwives Association

• Zhejiang Midwives’ Association (An Affiliate of the Zhejiang Nurses’ Association)

• AssociaÒ«ão das Parteiras de Timor-Leste

• Hong Kong Midwives Association

• Society of Midwives of India

• Ikatan Bidan Indonesia | Indonesian Midwives Association

• Japanese Midwives Association

• Japan Academy of Midwifery

• Japanese Nursing Association, Midwives' Division

• Korean Midwives Association

• Sarawak Midwives Association

• Mongolian Midwives Association

• New Zealand College of Midwives

• Midwifery Association of Pakistan

• Sri Lanka Nurse Midwives Association

• Taiwan Midwives Association

• Vietnamese Association of Midwives

Societies in World Wide

• National Association of Certified Professional Midwifes (US)

• Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) (US)

• American Health Care Association

• Australian Nursing Federation

• Academy of Neonatal Nursing (US)

• European Midwives Association

• Danish Association of Midwives

• Estonian Midwives Association

• Federation of Finnish Midwives

• Midwives Association of Georgia

• Icelandic Midwives' Association

• Norwegian Nurses Association

• Swedish Association of Midwives

• Austrian Midwives Association

• Association of Radical Midwives

• Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia

• Polish Midwives Association

• Czech Confederation of Midwives

• Society Françoise de Maïeutique

• German Midwives Association

• The Society of Midwives of South Africa

• Ethiopian Midwives Association

• Uganda Private Midwives Association

• Association Nation ale des Sages Femmes de Madagascar

• Birmingham University Midwifery Society

• Bournemouth Midwifery Society

• University of Bradford Midwifery Society

• Brighton Midwifery Society

• Cardiff Midwifery Society

• UCL and Midwifery Society

• LJMU Midwifery Society

• University of Chester Midwifery Society

• CCSU Midwifery Society

• CULSU Midwifery Society

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2019 Thanks to all our wonderful speakers, conference attendees, and Sponsors, Neonatal Nursing Congress 2019 Conference was our best!

31st Global Experts Meeting on Neonatal  Nursing and Maternal Healthcare, hosted by the Conference series Group were held during May 08-09, 2019 at Tokyo, Japan, with the theme “Bridging Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare: A Peek into Future”. Benevolent response and active participation were received from the Editorial Board Members of Conference series Journals as well as from the Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Nursing Lecturers, Nurses, Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare Industries, Researchers and Students from the fields of Healthcare & Nursing.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

Neonatal Nursing

Maternal-foetal medicine



Neonatal Nutrition

Neonatal Disorders

Midwives in Maternal care

Child Abuse

Neonatal Vaccination

Pediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology

Maternal Healthcare

Pediatric surgery

Neonatal Surgery

Pediatric Oncology

Neonatal Medicine

Pediatric Endocrinology

Neonatal Resuscitation

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