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31st Global Experts Meeting on Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare, will be organized around the theme “Bridging Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Healthcare: A Peek into Future”

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2019 is comprised of 17 tracks and 94 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Neonatal Nursing Congress 2019.

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Neonatal nursing could be a subspecialty of nursing that works with babies perceived with associate assortment of problems running from rashness, birth surrenders, contamination, heart deformities, and surgical problems. The time of life is characterized because the main month of life; be that because it could, these babies area unit of debilitated for a substantial length of your time. infant nursing, for the foremost half, envelops administer to those newborn youngsters UN agency encounter problems presently once birth, however, it likewise incorporates check babies UN agency encounter long-haul problems known with their rashness or unwellness once birth. a handful of infant medical attendants could administer to babies up to around two years recent. Most infant medical caretakers check newborn youngsters from the season of birth till the purpose that they're free from the doctor's facility.

Effective pain management in infants needs a specialist approach—analgesic protocols that are designed for older youngsters. infant nursing can sporadically be observation the expansion of the infants with the suitable tools followed by the specialized procedure.


  • Track 1-1Neonatal care
  • Track 1-2Safer tools and procedure
  • Track 1-3Need of hygeine
  • Track 1-4Growth monitoring and pain management
  • Track 1-5Clinical pharmacokinetics
  • Track 1-6Issues on premature infant

Maternal Fetal Medicine is a sub-claim to fame of obstetrics that spotlights on the determination and treatment of eager moms and their unborn infants. Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors have practical experience in giving consideration to ladies who are at high hazard for issues amid their pregnancies An obstetrical or perinatologists subspecialist concerned with the care of the mother and fetus at higher-than-normal risk for complications. The comparable area of pediatrics is neonatology. A high-risk baby might be cared for by a perinatologists before birth and by a neonatologist after birth.During the treatment there are lots of populations suffering from illness and sometimes the death rates are higher. Some of the premterm complications are

·  Vision problems and Hearing problems

·  Dental problems Behavioral and psychological problems

·  Chronic health issues.

· To succeed the goal of stimulating early access and sustained sufficient prenatal care for all pregnant women

· The relationship among the obstetric care provider and the MFM subspecialist depends on the awareness of the fetal condition and the local resources.

· To encourage early access and sustained acceptable prenatal care for all pregnant women, over appropriate levels of care

· Promoting primary and risk appropriate contact may also be achieved

  • Track 2-1Perinatologists
  • Track 2-2Women healthcare
  • Track 2-3Morbidity and mortility
  • Track 2-4Issues on premature infant
  • Track 2-5Analysis of maternal death

Neonatology is the restorative division of dealing with infants, debilitated children, and untimely children. A neonatologist is a specialist that concentrations in the field of neonatology.

Screening  have  been accomplished for evaluating an extensive number of subjects to disengage those with a specific arrangement of components or qualities. Extra screening indicates to additional testing that can be performed in the wake of contributing in your state's infant screening program. Clinical medications reults in the safeguards of a few diseases and medicines

  • They may require extra care,respiratory support and free of diseases.
  • Specialised methods are required for crisis tend to adjustment and furthermore progressing administer to sick babies.


  • Track 3-1Neonatologists
  • Track 3-2Screening of newborn
  • Track 3-3Spectrum of care

Perinatology is the care and support of women and their families some time as of late, in the midst of, and after work. Perinatal therapeutic specialists give guideline and resources about pregnancy and work, and help deal with the mother and adolescent in the midst of pregnancy, work, and postnatal depression to ensure the soundness of both. A perinatal therapeutic guardian's incorporation in the patient's care depends on upon the companion's allow, and moreover the patient's needs.

Some perinatal restorative overseers work in obstetrics and gynecology work environments to offer care to a woman in the midst of her pregnancy, while others work in labor and transport to give a secured, strong condition for work, and help other social protection providers in the midst of a woman's work and movement.


  • Track 4-1Nurisng care plan
  • Track 4-2Perinatal safety

Many weakened babies can't acquire satisfactory nourishment by means of the GI tract and, in this way, require parenteral dietary (PN) bolster. In a few, GI work is satisfactory to permit a few feedings. In others, the GI tract may not work for a considerable length of time to weeks (e.g., necrotizing enterocolitis, entrail inconsistencies), so the newborn child gets all nourishment parenterally .

A portion of the objectives are,

·  It guarantee continuation of development by sufficiently giving calories

·  It maintains a strategic distance from the irregularity in tha macronutrients.

· Feeding issues can be recognized by Frequent spitting up and additionally vomiting,poor weight gain,Recurring pneumonia or respiratory diseases.

Treatment differs enormously relying upon the cause and indications of the nourishing issues. a newborn child may put on a particular eating routine and recommended dietary supplements, regularly when they are underweight, experiencing treatment, and encounters formative deferrals. Through assesments we would collect be able to and interpret formation keeping in mind the end goal to settle on choices about the nature and reason for nourishment related medical problems that influence a person

  • Track 5-1Fetal nutrition
  • Track 5-2Nutritional status
  • Track 5-3Feeding problems
  • Track 5-4Nutrition assessment

Neonatal disorders mean unsettling influence of ordinary condition of body, organs and unusual capacity of an infant. Obstetricians assume a noteworthy part to limit the quantity of neonatal disorders.Some of the usually decided clutters are Prematurity, respiratory brokenness, birth injury, inherent distortions, neonatal disease and haemolytic issue .

Most noteworthy event is in the untimely and low birth weight newborn child. Possible times of reflex hypoglycemia in the embryo causing impeded surfactant production.Clinical signs, for example, Tachypnea.Minimal nasal flaring or expiratory grunting,ABG's: mellow hypoxemia. PaCO2 relies on upon whether issue is prohibitive or obstructive

·  Proper prenatal care to identify any obstetrical inconsistency diminishes birth injury to a substantial scale.

·  Neonatal diseases can be limited by the obstetricians themselves on the off chance that they deal with any suspicious vaginal release in antenatal period .

· Possible to utilize the neighborhood pediatricians to help screen these children if indeterminate

Wellbeing rules have done in light of clinical visit for atleast one weak.Causes can likewise ocuurs due to baterical contaminations and scatters incorporates Haemolytic disorders,Birth injury, Neonatal Syndromes, Neonatal Eye issues, Neonatal CNS issue, Neonatal Renal issue, Neonatal Heart Disease, Concering Neonatal jaundice, Neonatal Skin maladies et cetera.


  • Track 6-1Haemolytic disorders
  • Track 6-2Birth trauma
  • Track 6-3Birth trauma
  • Track 6-4Congenital malformations
  • Track 6-5Neonatal Abstinence syndrome
  • Track 6-6Neonatal Heart Disease
  • Track 6-7Neonatal CNS disorder

What is Child abuse? Maltreatment is once a parent or caregiver, whether or not through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional damage or risk of significant harm to a toddler. There are several kinds of kid ill-usage, together with neglect, physical abuse, sex crime, exploitation and emotional abuse.

Children are affected by a hidden epidemic of kid abuse and neglect. It’s a widespread war against our youngsters that we've got the facility to prevent, and understanding the problem is that the opening move. Simply however dangerous is that the issue of kid abuse within the United States?

Every year quite 3.6 million referrals are created to kid protection agencies involving quite half dozen.6 million kids (a referral will embrace multiple children).

The US has one among the worst records among industrialized nations – losing on the average between four and 7 kids daily to abuse and neglect.


  • Track 7-1Sexual Abuse
  • Track 7-2Physical Abuse
  • Track 7-3Emotional Abuse
  • Track 7-4Child Neglect

It is useful to comprehend the two principle standards in maternity mind training and practice, depicted as the birthing assistance show and the medicinal model. These terms get from the sorts of care doctors and maternity specialists have verifiably given. The great maternity care display depends on the suspicion that most pregnancies, works, and births are typical organic procedures that outcome in solid results for both moms and infants. Invulnerability advancement for the youngster begins to enhance in the end through the special drain. Special strengthening likewise helps in overseeing weight of the mother in the end. A maternity specialist's recommendation in the baby sustaining at the underlying stages after the introduction of the kid at first for the initial three months after the birth adds to the mother's wellbeing.

·         It concentrates on amplifying the wellbeing and health of a lady and babies

·         Identifying and overseeing medicinal issues .

·         To ensure, bolster, and abstain from interfering with the remarkable cadence, character, and timing of every lady's work.

·         Healthy ladies frequently conceive an offspring in maternity specialist drove healing center units or birth focuses or at home.

Restorative model of care concentrates on avoiding, diagnosing, and treating the intricacies that can happen during pregnancy, work, and birth. Avoidance methodologies have a tendency to accentuate the utilization of testing, combined with the utilization of therapeutic or surgical intercessions to turn away a poor result.


In most industrialized nations, birthing assistants facilitate the watch over the larger part of childbearing ladies and work together with obstetricians or different masters when a lady has medicinal intricacies or hazard variables. Government and global activities are meeting up to put birthing specialists at focal point of the audience in regenerative wellbeing projects and give financial motivations.

  • Track 8-1Health of a women
  • Track 8-2Medical Problems
  • Track 8-3Maternity care sysytem
  • Track 8-4Prenatal care
  • Track 8-5Obstetrical training
  • Track 8-6Economic incentives

Babies have a youthful safe framework that renders them at high hazard for disease while at the same time diminishing reactions to most antibodies, subsequently posturing challenges in ensuring this powerless populace. Certain antibodies, for example, Bacillus Calmette Guérin (BCG) and Hepatitis B immunization (HBV), do exhibit security and some viability during childbirth, giving confirmation of key that specific antigen-adjuvant mixes can inspire defensive neonatal reactions.


Vaccination of pregnant moms and inactive transmission of antibodies to the embryo might be a powerful approach to ensure the neonate, yet is restricted by generous security and medico-lawful concerns. Immunizations can avoid irresistible illnesses that once executed or hurt numerous newborn children, kids, and grown-ups. Without immunizations, your tyke is at chance for getting genuinely sick and enduring torment, inability, and even passing from infections like measles and whooping hack.

·  It demonstrates that birth is the most incessant and steady purpose of medicinal services contact.

·  It starts early defensive reactions that shield the powerless newborn child.

· With a protected and intense adjuvant, certain costly immunization plans can be made more powerful and accordingly, more possible and reasonable.

  • Track 9-1Menstrual problem
  • Track 9-2Safety and Efficacy of Neonatal Vaccination
  • Track 9-3Neonatal vaccines
  • Track 9-4Challenges of vaccine response
  • Track 9-5Hepatitics C virus infection
  • Track 9-6Concering Neonatal jaundice
  • Track 9-7Neonatal Skin diseases

The Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology gives medicinal and surgical administration of gynecologic issues in babies to patients.The Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology requires referrals from essential care specialists or other Children's Hospital authorities. Patients selected in oversaw mind protection arranges likewise may require approval from their protection supplier and essential care doctor.

Pharmaceuticals may help with numerous gynecological issues, as vaginal diseases or skin aggravations. Hormones may enhance a few conditions, as polycystic ovary disorder. Seattle Children's gynecology group gives a full scope of therapeutic medications for regenerative wellbeing concerns.

·   Gynecologic strategy leaves just a little scar, which you may not have the capacity to see, outwardly of         the bellybutton.

·   It likewise causes less scar tissue inside. So it is more averse to influence richness.

·   Gynecologic surgery is utilized frequently to treat ovarian sores and pelvic agony.

  • Track 10-1Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Track 10-2Delayed puberty
  • Track 10-3Obstetrician-gynecologist
  • Track 10-4Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Maternal wellbeing indicates to the strength of ladies among pregnancy, labor and the baby blues period. While parenthood is frequently a positive and satisfying background, for an excessive number of ladies it is related with misery, sick wellbeing and even death.The major direct reasons for maternal dismalness and mortality incorporate drain, disease, hypertension, perilous fetus removal, and hindered work.

Be that as it may, youthful and unskilled moms and those living in difficult to achieve ranges still have a substantially more noteworthy possibility of biting the dust in labor. Youthful young ladies outside Indian urban communities are particularly defenseless as adolescent marriage and pregnancies are high in provincial and remote regions of the nation. Maternal and kid social insurance administrations are vital for the wellbeing results of the mother and that of the tyke and in guaranteeing that both maternal and kid passings are anticipated.

·  To arrange, execute, screen and oversee powerful maternal social insurance administrations with an emphasis on high-chance pregnant ladies and those in difficult to-achieve groups.

·  The confirm created from this steady supervision and observing at that point nourishes in the normal arranging and supply administration for wellbeing offices.

  • Track 11-1Quality health care
  • Track 11-2 Efficient Financing Mechanisms
  • Track 11-3Maternal mortality
  • Track 11-4Screening and growth monitoring

The masters in the Division of Pediatric Surgery comprehend the exceptional needs of youngsters and are widely acclaimed for their one of a kind surgical mastery and aptitudes and their examination, which is focused at growing new strategies and meds that make surgery both sheltered and powerful.

There are a few pediatric conditions amendible to pediatric surgical treatment. Keeping in mind the end goal to better enable you to comprehend what these conditions are, and how they can be dealt with. Surgical issues seen by pediatric specialists are regularly very unique in relation to those ordinarily observed by grown-up or general specialists. Extraordinary preparing in pediatric surgery is vital.

  • Track 12-1Surgery of fetuses and infants
  • Track 12-2Neonatal Physiologic Characteristics

The conditions that require surgery ahead of schedule in life speak to a genuine range from those that are generally minor to some more real, complex conditions. A few conditions are recognized among pregnancy, by routine outputs. The most recent in neonatal demonstrative abilities incorporate research facility medication, radiology (ultrasound, CT and MRI) and echocardiography. Pediatric anesthesia and general surgical administrations are promptly accessible and a few techniques for untimely babies, for example, ligation of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) can even be performed in the NICU.

•  It comprehends the wholesome parts of neonatal (infant) care and ordinary working of the gastrointestinal tract.

•  The wholesome necessities of youngsters at different phases of development, and how babies with sustaining challenges, for example, impedance of the gulping system and neuronal control are assessed

  • Track 13-1Neonatal physiological characteristics
  • Track 13-2Respiratory distress
  • Track 13-3Intestinal obstructions
  • Track 13-4Abdominal wall defects

Pediatric Oncology is one of the greatest examples of overcoming adversity in oncology in the last millennium.If your tyke or high schooler has a blood infection or disease, a pediatric hematologist/oncologist has the experience and capabilities to assess and treat your youngster or adolescent. The special idea of care of kids or high schoolers with blood sicknesses and malignancy is found out from cutting edge preparing and involvement by and by.

·  Pediatric hematologists/oncologists analyze, treat, and oversee kids and teenagers

Pediatric hematologists/oncologists treat kids and teenagers from birth through youthful adulthood.Most youngsters were dealt with, frequently unsuccessfully, by grown-up oncologists in a couple of disease focuses or without anyone else's input prepared pediatricians in restorative universities. There was absence of good quality pediatric growth units (PCU) and multidisciplinary or convention based care.


  • Track 14-1Pediatric hematologist/oncologist
  • Track 14-2Aspects of Childhood Leukemia
  • Track 14-3Oncological Nursing Care
  • Track 14-4Emergencies in Pediatric Oncology
  • Track 14-5Germ Cell Tumors

Neonatal medicine is concerned with the care of critically ill newborn and premature infants. Neonatologists diagnose and treat newborns with conditions such as breathing disorders, infections, or birth defects; coordinate care and medically manage newborns born prematurely, critically ill, or in need of surgery; stabilize and treat newborns with any life-threatening medical problems; attend a delivery after which the infant may require medical intervention; and consult with obstetricians, pediatricians, and family physicians about conditions affecting newborn infants and caring for mothers who have high-risk pregnancies.

 Neonatologists work mainly in the special care nurseries or newborn intensive care units of hospitals, primarily children's hospitals, university medical centers, and large community hospitals. In addition, a neonatologist may provide short-term care on an outpatient basis after the infant has been discharged from the unit.

  • Track 15-1 Ethical analysis
  • Track 15-2Biological development
  • Track 15-3Regulation and neonatal medicine
  • Track 15-4Clinical trials

The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology offers a wide assortment of clinical administrations, research and preparing openings. Not withstanding the analysis and treatment of endocrinological issues. In the event that your kid has issues with development, adolescence, diabetes, or different issue identified with the hormones and the organs that deliver them, a pediatric endocrinologist may treat your youngster.

Issues seen by pediatric endocrinologists are frequently very not quite the same as those normally observed by endocrinologists who nurture grown-ups. The most well-known issue is development issue, particularly those managable to development hormone treatment. Pediatric endocrinologists are typically the essential doctors required in the medicinal care of newborn children and youngsters with intersex issue.

•  Growth and improvement is essential.

  • Track 16-1Adrenal disorders
  • Track 16-2Methods and Biological Principles
  • Track 16-3Carbohydrates Metabolism
  • Track 16-4Reproductive endocrine system
  • Track 16-5Polyglandular Syndromes

Neonatal Resuscitation is intercession after an infant is destined to enable it to inhale and to enable its heart to thump. Prior to a child is conceived, the placenta gives oxygen and sustenance to the blood and expels carbon dioxide. After an infant is conceived, the lungs give oxygen to the blood and expel carbon dioxide.

Suspicion ,Adequate planning, Accurate assessment, Prompt start of support are crictical for effective neonatal revival. Evaluating the need to start and proceed with revival should start instantly after birth and continue all through the revival. Forthcoming observational examination contrasting babies revived and a heartbeat oximeter set up with the simultaneous control aggregate comprising of babies revived without a heartbeat oximeter set up.



  • Track 17-1Delayed cord clamping
  • Track 17-2Medications
  • Track 17-3Post-resuscitation Care
  • Track 17-4Postive-presssure ventilation
  • Track 17-5Anticipation